Kevin & Angela Yee Loong

Ballroom Dancers

According to Wikipedia, Dancesport denotes competitive dancing... Kevin and Angela started group ballroom lessons in 2003 with Dance Club Blue Silver. In 2008 they dared to enter the internal competition and then took the bold step to enter a Pre-Bronze competition in Kingston Ontario.

It has been an incredible journey of learning, character building, but most importantly a lot of fun meeting new friends. As in golf, it has taken years of practice to become comfortable with basics. Kevin and Angela compete in International Standard, dancing the 5 dances, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep.

They entered most of the local competitions in Toronto, but their first major success was at the Silver level at the Snowball Classic Competition in Vancouver in January 2013 where they placed 1st in the three age categories they entered. In 2014 they entered a competition in Edmonton at the Gold level winning one age category and placing 2nd in two.

They are now dancing at the Pre-Champ and Championship level in their age categories. Higher placing is now more difficult as they encounter the more experienced and veteran competitors.

Competition has taken them to other major Canadian cities. They have attended Canadian Closed Championships in Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Toronto. 2017 will be in Vancouver. 2016 has been a busy year. They entered four local competitions in Toronto, one in Montreal and four in the USA; New York, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Charlotte NC and Boston. Their final competition for this year was the Ontario Open Championship held in October.

The highlight of their year was attending the largest competition in the world in August 2016, the German Open Championships (known as the GOC) in Stuttgart, Germany. Competing in two events, they placed 149 out of 206 couples in one event and 46 out of 76 couples in a second category after having made it into the second round of 48. It was a very exciting and unforgettable experience being around all that energy with some great dancing couples from all over the world.

They have entered the Blackpool Dance Festival in England to be held in May 2017 and are very excited to be competing. The Blackpool Dance Festival, held annually is the world's first and most famous ballroom dance competition.

As started off with the Wikipedia definition of Dancesport, Kevin and Angela truly believe that dancing has turned out to be a sport. They are consumed with lessons, practice and training virtually year round, almost on a daily basis.

They would like to thank their amazing coaches, their family and friends who have come out to support and cheer them, and for sending warm messages through Facebook. This has encouraged them to keep dancing!

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