Warren Ming-Sun's Fundraiser Cruise on the River Gambler

August 24, 2013

by David Ming-Sun

What a fantastic day! Warren had a wonderful time on board. His spirits are usually good whenever we visit at Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre, but it was wonderful to witness him enjoying the company of everyone around him and the music. It was a great party. Many of his school friends and hockey buddies were there. He had not seen many since he left school. His hockey buddies - well, what can I say about them - they have been supportive and at his side throughout this challenging time. Many friends brought their friends and there were close to 300 people, including 55 ex-South African Chinese on board! The Silent Auction and Share the Wealth did exceptionally well. The generosity of family and friends is overwhelming.

Here are some photos of this wonderful event.

(Click on any photo to view as a slideshow.)

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