Rosemarie's 70th Birthday Bash

January 2013

by Kirsten Foon

My Mom could not believe that 70 was upon her! We kids decided to celebrate this milestone with a huge surprise party. We told all the guests not to let on and thankfully no one slipped up. We told Mom that we were treating her to dinner for this special occasion at the Pickle Barrel in Markham. When she got to the Pickle Barrel she just followed the waiter, thinking she was being shown to her table and wondered why she was being led down this passage and where were the kids? When the door opened, all the guests were there and yelled "Surprise!" It was a wonderful gathering of 80 family members and friends. Mom had no idea! With lots of food and great company, it's a milestone she won't soon forget!

Here are some photos of this great celebration.

(Click on any photo to view as a slideshow.)

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