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July 2020
While this year started off like any other, it has turned out to be something quite unexpected and different from anything we all envisioned.

We hope you are all well. With COVID-19 restrictions being eased, it is still very important to continue to practice social distancing, by being 6 feet away from anyone, continue good hand washing hygiene, and wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.

Wishing you all a safe summer.
Upcoming Events

Summer Event Announcements

Annual Family Picnic

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the picnic on Sunday, July 19, 2020, at Goulding Park located at 45 Goulding Ave. North York is now cancelled.


The Spring Golf Day too was cancelled in June due to the pandemic. At this time the September 2020 golf is pending. For further information please contact Denise.


Sunny Chan-Henry, ​85 in April 2020
Ng Shue Chee Pon, 107 in February 2020
Myrtle Lee Sui, 96 in December 2019


Congratulations to Brian Ma Sing & Lauren Smit tied the knot in Johannesburg on December 14, 2019.


Valerie Si-Kay So, born May 19, 2020, in Toronto to Sheldon & Rammy. Proud grandfather is Freddie So of Toronto.
In Memoriam

Our Sympathy

Deepest Condolence to the families of:

Grace Chan Wing (Lai), 49, in Johannesburg on 17 January 2020
Dan Oi Loo, 99, in Johannesburg on February 19, 2020
Shirley Chan Fok, 71, in Johannesburg on February 22, 2020
Phon Tim, 90, in Vancouver on March 7, 2020
Daisy Lai King (Leo Toy), 95, in Johannesburg on March 10, 2020
Loretta Sean (Sing Kee), 74, in Mississauga on March 19, 2020 
Min Wan Hau, 96, in Johannesburg on April 7, 2020
Tommy Woon, 96, in Johannesburg on April 9, 2020
Robert Quan, 80, in Mississauga April 29, 2020
Edie Chan, 95, in Seattle on May 4, 2020
Wan York Franklin (Lew), 86, in Vancouver on May 8, 2020
Jack Lai, 91, in Markham on May 25, 2020
Keith Lew, 72, in Johannesburg on May 26, 2020 
Yvonne Ki (Lee) 88, in Johannesburg on June 4, 2020

Please see In Memoriam on CCASA website for additional information.
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2020 Executive

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Treasurer: Ivan Leong • • 416-499-7881
Secretary: Geoff Maw • • 905-858-3690
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